THE CASUAL VACANCY Trailer, Clip, and Tie-In Book Cover

A casual vacancy in the town of Pagford is causing a stir…

The miniseries adaptation of JK Rowling’s adult debut, THE CASUAL VACANCY, begins airing tonight in the UK on BBC One!

THE CASUAL VACANCY tells the story of the idyllic British town of Pagford after the death of Parish Councillor Barry Fairbrother’s untimely death. The story explores the brutal cracks in the small town’s veneer, exposing a war between the rich and the poor, between teens and their parents, and in the small local electorate that controls the fate of much of the population.

Though Americans will have to wait until the autumn to see the miniseries on HBO (probably to pique award show interest), we’re getting the first looks at the adaptation via the BBC!


Clip #1:

Additionally, a miniseries tie-in book cover featuring Arf Price (Joe Hurst), Samantha Mollison (Keeley Hawes), Howard Mollison (Michael Gambon), and Krystal Weedon (Abigail Lawrie) is now on sale!


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