We catch up with THE FLASH’s Grant Gustin and two Toms at SDCC

The Flash cast presented an impressive panel at San Diego Comic-Con, but before all that, they sat down with The Fandom and other press in some great roundtable interviews! Each cast member dished on their favorite moments from Season 2 and dropped hints at what to expect in Season 3. Take a look at our talks with the newest member of the cast, Harry Potter star Tom Felton, and two major mainstays, Tom Cavanaugh and The Flash himself, Grant Gustin!

Tom Felton couldn’t say too much about his character, Julian Dorn, but seemed pretty excited to play an antagonistic character once again, as it turns out Barry and his fellow CSI investigator don’t get along. Admitting that he went into the series blind, he also talks about binge-watching the show and compares the on-set vibe to the early days on the Potter films!

Meanwhile, Tom Cavanaugh and Grant Gustin got a little goofy together!


First, Tom discussed the joys of flipping between good and bad, as well as Barry’s renewed struggle to figure out Harrison Wells once again. He also talked about improvising Harry and Cisco scenes and which member of the cast he thinks will be the next Lin-Manuel Miranda!

Grant Gustin jumps in to talk about the disappoints of The Flash not being in a scene with his personal hero Superman, Barry’s “pretty selfish decision” and what motivated it, taking a backseat in the Flashpoint universe, and a famous director he wants for the show. He also reveals whether or not Flashpoint will affect every show in the DC/CW universe!

In case you missed it, check out The Flash Season 3 Comic-Con Trailer here. It certainly seems the Flashpoint universe will offer us up and insane wealth of entertainment!

The Flash returns to The CW on October 4, 2016.

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