Catch Up With ORPHAN BLACK On Amazon and IFC

Want to watch ORPHAN BLACK? Amazon and IFC will make catching up easy and free!

Are you intrigued by the thrilling sci-fi drama ORPHAN BLACK, but you’ve never found time to watch the show? Amazon and IFC want you to catch up before Season 3 begins this Saturday, so prepare to join the Clone Club!

Amazon, which owns the streaming rights to the show, will offer up the entire first season for free on Friday, April 17th. You’ll be able to stream the show on any device connected to Amazon Instant Video, from TVs and laptops to smartphones and tablets.

Prefer a more traditional viewing experience? IFC will be holding an ORPHAN BLACK marathon on April 17th and 18th that will cover both seasons of the show before the Season 3 premiere on BBC America.

This probably calls for a dance party, right?


ORPHAN BLACK follows Sarah Manning, a troubled young woman who witnesses the death of another woman who looks exactly like her. Sarah discovers that she is not as unique as she thought– In fact, she’s one of several clones and a secret organization is after them all. Can Sarah and her clone sisters she discovers along the way band together to protect themselves and their loved ones from a much larger conspiracy?

Season 3 of ORPHAN BLACK premieres Saturday, April 18th at 9pm on BBC America.


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