Catching Fire Gets A Name Change

Since the release of The Hunger Games in theaters, we have been waiting for any news about Catching Fire. Did I mention waiting? And waiting….and hold on, did I just read an article with news about Catching Fire? Ah, yes! It ain’t much, (pardon the Texan in me) but at least it’s something! According to, the sequel will experience a slight change of name.

Lionsgate has announced a minor title change for the second part of their blockbuster franchise. Formerly titled Catching Fire, the Francis Lawrence-directed sequel to this year’s The Hunger Games will now be called The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Maybe when Mockingjay is released it will be call The Hunger Games: Catching Fire: Mockingjay. Or maybe not. It would be extremely hilarious.

Though unconfirmed, it is an almost certainty that the third chapter, (likely to be released as two separate films) will follow suite and will hit theaters as The Hunger Games: Mockingjay.

Looks like my dream Mockingjay movie title just got shot out of the sky. Send me your thoughts on this name change and any news your dying to hear about. Just counting down the days….546!


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