CBS agrees to put pilot commitment for Sawyer & Huck Drama

A drama based on the classic YA characters Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn is planned for CBS, and CBS has already agreed to a put pilot commitment for the show, titled Sawyer & Huck.

The Blacklist writers Brandon Margolis and Brandon Sonnier will be writing for the series, and Shameless director Anthony Hemingway will be behind the camera for this modern-day take on author Mark Twain’s most memorable characters.  Despite it being modern day and the two boys are now men, the series is apparently going to hit of racial and class division, as the classic books did.

In the pilot, a murder case brings together Tom Sawyer and estranged friend Huck Finn.  Lawyer Tom hires Huck as an investigator for his legal firm, and together they take cases for those in desperate need of help.

Aside from the recognition of the characters, I’m actually not sure why they decided to “reimagine” them for a series.  But I guess we’ll find out soon enough, since the put pilot agreement practically guarantees we’ll get to see the pilot aired.


Source: Deadline

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