We Celebrate 22 Amazing Women in TV, Movies, and Books for International Women’s Day


michonneMichonne – The Walking Dead

What is not cool about Michonne? She wields a samurai sword! That alone gives her kudos. She is tough as nails, but gets emotional and isn’t afraid to show her tears when it’s necessary or when pain demands it. And she rocks the best dreads. Plus, she’s saved so many lives so many times and killed so many zombies that it’s just ridiculous.  – Nat

Daenerys Targaryen – Game of Thrones

What’s not to love about Daenerys? From the books to the television series, I’ve always been fascinated by her. From her presence alone, you could tell she was a quiet storm just waiting for the right time to show the world what she was/is capable of. One to never back down from a challenge, Daenerys is very confident in her abilities and will let nothing stop her from achieving her ultimate goals..Not even her own brother! Although some of her decisions might not always have great results, it doesn’t stop her from continuing her journey to reclaiming the Iron Throne! Plus she’s the Mother of Dragons..How much cooler can you get? – Alicia

Clarke Griffin – The 100

At first I couldn’t stand Clark but after season 1 of the 100, I found her to be a risk taker and fight for what she thought was right which wasn’t easy to do in the society that she was in.  Plus having been forced to separate from her mother and find her way with the group she was forced in, she had to make a lot of tough decisions, many that were not very popular.  However, people started to look up to her and found her to be the leader that they needed. She had to make sacrifices for her people that no one else would ever dare make and she’s made mistakes along the way, but doesn’t shirk them off.  Not only that, she apparently knows how to take care of herself all on her own. – Nat

Mary – Reign

I may not agree with Mary’s tactics all the time, but I can definitely say that she always puts her country and her duty first, and that is admirable. She’s also a good friend to her ladies in waiting. Also, way to not die! That merits recognition, based on how often people have tried to kill her. -Flo

Felicity Smoak – Arrow

Warriors or crime fighting heroes aren’t the only amazing characters in books, movies or TV shows. There are people behind-the-scenes that help those heroes win the battle. Felicity is one of those characters. She sees what the others don’t. She is the voice in their ears–literally. Felicity is technology savvy and is basically a top-notch hacker, no one can get by her firewalls without her noticing. The technology that the “Arrow” team uses are her inventions and have I mentioned she is now a the owner of Palmer Technologies? As a character in a comic book TV show I think she holds a big ground for us females. At a point in the show she realizes that her position in the crime fighting team is not to be out in the field wielding a weapon and physically taking down the bad guy. Felicity is the brain and eyes of the operation. –Jennifer

Clary Fray – Shadowhunters

I have always empathized with her struggle of not only having her mother kidnapped and then finding out who her father is, but also just being thrown into a supernatural world that she knew nothing about (and almost becoming the poster child for it). Clary Fray is an authentic young woman, who shows such strength and courage in the face of danger and troubling moments. Her vulnerability coupled with her fierce dedication to her friends and her family and her determination to make everything right is something to be admired. Not only did she take to kicking butt rather quickly, but she never lost herself in her new identity as Shadowhunter. She stayed true to who Clary Fray was and just got better and better as she grew. – Christina Marie (LuLo Fangirl)

Claire Randall Fraser – Outlander

Fans may think of Claire and say that they would love to go back in time as she did. However, the reality of doing so is far more terrifying and difficult than finding your soulmate in another time. Though having gone through dangerous situations, Claire has made it far and has survived it all. She definitely deserves to be mentioned as an Amazing Women Character. Even though originally being from the 1940s, she has managed to tolerate the antiquity of 1700s Scotland. Now, being from the 21st century, would you be able to survive in that time period? Claire has a strong will and personality. And a smart mouth. She is very feisty and intelligent. – Kait

Jessica Jones – Jessica Jones

Right from the beginning, Jessica Jones has established herself as someone you shouldn’t mess with, and with each episode she adds to her tough-girl persona with flashbacks that hint at her vulnerability and insecurities that give her character that right edge to being a heroine you want to root for. She is one of the most sarcastic people you can meet, and sexy as hell, but there’s no doubt that she’s also brave and very clever, which just makes her very good at her job as PI. And when it comes to protecting her loved ones, or those who need protecting, or even doing the right thing, she fights with all her considerable strength. -Jessica AKA AFandomsQueen

Honorable Mentions:

Carol Peletier (The Walking Dead), Lexa (The 100), Kara and Alex Danvers (Supergirl), Dinah “Laurel” Lance and Thea Queen (Arrow), Isabelle Lightwood (Shadowhunters), Melinda May (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Project Leda clones (Orphan Black), Peggy Carter (Agent Carter), Brienne of Tarth and Arya Stark (Game of Thrones)

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