We Celebrate 22 Amazing Women in TV, Movies, and Books for International Women’s Day


Virginia au Augustus aka Mustang – Golden Son

Has there ever been a character so badass and well-rounded all at the same time? Mustang is the daughter of the evil ArchGovernor, her brother is a sociopath at best, and yet she is clever and strong enough to forge her own path. She’s a master strategist, which certainly helps when you’re on the verge of a revolution. Mustang is Darrow’s equal, not just his love interest. She’s not blinded by their relationship and she has no problem setting him straight like a boss. She’s tested again and again throughout the novels, but Virginia au Augustus is fierce and decisive in the face of death, which is actually quite rare for females in novels. -Kait

Mare Barrow – Red Queen

Mare Barrow starts as a girl born in poverty with little to no hope escaping the conscription the day she turns 18. While she exemplifies strength and promise despite her situation, she soon realizes that she is more than what the Silvers want her to be– she becomes the “little lightning girl.” Despite having to live among the people she hates and being betrayed by one of the people she loves, Mare remains one of the strongest, kindest, and most powerful characters in the Red Queen series. -Halee

inejInej – Six of Crows

Brave. She has overcome a rough life – being forced to work for the pleasure of others, many times for those who were attracted to her nationality.  But she was able to get and and now is living for a goal. She knows how to survive and can kill anyone as easily as any man, plus they wouldn’t even see or hear her coming, she’s that quiet.  However, don’t mistake her stealth for meekness, she is not one to be messed with.  It takes a strong person to put Kaz Brekker in his place, and Inej is the perfect gal for the job. -Flo

Adelina Amouteru – The Rose Society

There’s no anti-hero quite like Adelina Amouteru! The teen discovers her power of illusion in a violent, terrifying way, but she makes it her mission to control them with the help of The Dagger Society. Unfortunately, fate had other plans for Adelina and soon, she learns that to defeat those who betrayed her, she’ll have to make up her own rules. She’s a little misguided, but you still feel her anguish and root for Adelina save her nation. It’s a strange mix, but we’re just so intrigued by this character! -Kait

Kady Grant – Illuminae

There’s no YA heroine we’d want on our side during a zombie-esque viral outbreak in the middle of an outer space showdown as much as Kady Grant! Illuminae is a wild thrill ride with twists and turns around every corner, but Kady sneaks and hacks her way through the devastating mystery behind the chaos affecting the refugees of Kerenza, befriends a psychotic Artificial Intelligence unit on a warpath, and saves the day. You can’t help but cheer for her! – Kait

Laia – An Ember in the Ashes

Laia’s lower-class Scholar family has mainly lived a quiet existence since her parents’ deaths– until her brother Darin is accused of treason and her grandparents are killed. Barely escaping with her life and desperate to save Darin, she seeks the help of the Scholar rebels living within the catacombs. They offer her a dangerous deal: Laia must become a spy for their cause and work as a slave for The Commandant, the ruthless leader of the Martial academy. She endures torture and fear, but Laia becomes a force to be reckoned with, bigger than both the government and the rebellion as she discovers harsh truth that will change the course of her country’s history. Her journey is fascinating and in her own quiet way, Laia is destined for greatness. We can’t wait to see where her story goes! – Kait

Celaena Sardothien – Queen of Shadows

What isn’t there to love about Celaena? She’s a total badass and also a princess. Celaena is one of my favorite characters in the book world. She faced a lot of challenges as a kid. Her journey has shaped her to become the character she is in Queen of Shadows. Celaena is a very passionate person and I love that about her. Even though she is an assassin she is still has a heart. She loves books, chocolate, fashion. She is a very easily lovable character. Celaena does have some moments in the books where I didn’t exactly love about her but she is who she is a human being. Celaena has made mistakes but everyone does that. Celaena has a lot on her shoulders and she is human, it’s guaranteed she going to make mistakes. Celaena is an amazing character, she is well written and someone you fall in love with right when you read about. -Juliet (justjys)

Honorable Mentions:

Linh Cinder, Scarlet Benoit, Cress, Winter Blackburn (Winter), Samirah Al-Abbas (The Sword of Summer), Helene Aquila (An Ember in the Ashes), Sydney Sage (The Ruby Circle)

Celebrate International Women’s Day and let us know who else you think should be recognized this year in the comments section!

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