Channing Tatum is GAMBIT

It’s official!  Channing Tatum is Gambit!  Amidst all the rumors stirring a few days ago about actor Channing Tatum dropping out of negotiations for the role of Gambit, it seems that they were just highly glamorized media noise to rouse fans to keep on searching and keep on reading, and yes, keep on clicking to their sites.

But it’s true this time as it was confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter that he closed to deal to garner him the sought after role of Gambit, the mutant with the ability to create and manipulate kinetic energy.

Of course, probably not all of the speculation of Tatum leaving the deal is untrue.  It was noted that there were some hills to get over in negotiations, particularly the backend compensation as well as the length of his term in playing Gambit.  Considering how much Tatum had apparently wanted to play the Cajun-accented, card-playing X-man, I wouldn’t be surprised if Fox was trying to low-ball the actor just a bit.

Gambit is set to be in theaters on October 7, 2016, with production expected to in the fall.


Source: Nerdist

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