CHAOS WALKING To Undergo Reshoots, May Be Delayed

Planned reshoots for CHAOS WALKING may compromise the film’s release date.

When Peter Parker and Rey film a movie together, scheduling can get tough!

Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley star in Chaos Walking, which takes place in a world where disease has recently “wiped out” the female population and all remaining animals– human or not– can hear each others’ thoughts through a connection called Noise. Holland stars in the film as Todd, a teen traveling with his dog when he stumbles across the impossible– A young woman named Viola played by Ridley. Soon, a new world within his own is discovered and the two must team up and fight to protect it.

Lionsgate recently announced two to three weeks of reshoots for the film, with new script pages written by author Patrick Ness. However, due to Holland and Ridley’s commitments to Avengers and Star Wars IX, respectively, the reshoots are likely not occur until December. According to THR, this will likely delay the film’s release, though a delay has not been officially announced by the studio.

While there’s some speculation regarding them, reshoots are common in most Hollywood blockbusters. Most reshoots don’t significantly change the plot of the film, nor to they indicate major issues. It’s often the production adding in a few extra scenes for additional clarity.

If nothing else, this short tweet from Patrick Ness is rather soothing:

For now, Chaos Walking is due out on March 1, 2019.

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