Check out the ANT-MAN Honest Trailer, because “Ants!”

The ANT-MAN Honest Trailer blasts Marvel for its outrageous movies, but not really

The Ant-Man honest trailer definitely pokes fun at Marvel’s phase two films, but if we’re being honest, it still works. People will still go see the movies and enjoy them. I mean, who would’ve thought Guardians of the Galaxy was going to make such an impact. And with Ant-Man, again, the funny level is reached. Marvel shows it can still be superhero-ey and funny at the same time, as long as you’ve got the right cast, because Paul Rudd IS Ant-Man. Just like Robert Downey, Jr. is Iron Man, and Chris Pratt is Star Lord.

Still, Screen Junkies loves to poke fun at stuff we love. And we can laugh about it, too.  So, check out the Ant-Man Honest Trailer because you know you want to.

Nope, Marvel can definitely get more strange with their movies, and we can’t wait to see it!  The people at Screen Junkies probably can’t either.

We’ll be able to watch Ant-Man on the big screen again fairly soon, as he does make an appearance in Captain America: Civil War. We are in the Marvelverse, after all.


Source: GeekTyrant


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