Check Out The First BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Cast Selfie

The BEAUTY AND THE BEAST live-action actors have come together for the first cast selfie!

Josh Gad made a splash among Disney lovers as Olaf in FROZEN, now he’s preparing to get even sillier as Gaston’s loyal companion Lefou in the live-action version of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. Though the film won’t hit theaters until March 17, 2017, the cast is already coming together for the early stages of production! Josh Gad took the opportunity to post a quick cast selfie on Instagram:

Can't wait for you to be our guest.

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This post includes the cast members who will be featured in human form throughout the film including Gad, Emma Watson (Belle), Dan Stevens (The Beast), Luke Evans (Gaston), and Kevin Kline (Maurice). Several actors including Emma Thompson (Mrs. Potts), Ian McKellan (Cogsworth), and Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Plumette) will mainly serve as voices for CGI animations, so they weren’t in town for the cast selfie.

At this stage in development, it looks like most of the cast members are going through vocal training and script read-throughs. No word yet on when filming will officially begin in London.

So far, the only major character who has not been cast is the feisty candelabra, Lumiere.

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