Check out the MARVEL Music Video Mashup

Check out the MARVEL Music Video Mashup

In honor and anticipation of the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron, YouTuber Robert Jones paid tribute with a Marvel music video mashup that in which he put together clips from pretty much every modern Marvel movie, regardless of their box office draw.  And not just the ones done by Marvel or Disney, but  clips from Ghost Rider (although said character is actually not seen in the clip shown,) Blade, Daredevil (yes, the Ben Affleck one,) the X-Men movies, the Wolverine movies, the Spider-Man movies, and even Howard the Duck.

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Although this is an excellent tribute, done well featuring ‘A Light That Never Comes’ by Linkin Park, I would hope he’d consider doing another after Deadpool and Fantastic Four are released to pay proper tribute to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  But with the MCU with a full slate for the next decade for the most part, Mr. Jones would have to do one every year.

Guardians in MARVEL Music Video

Source: GeekTyrant

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