Check out these amazingly magical HARRY POTTER cakes

These Harry Potter cakes are too good to eat

The creators of these cakes must be magibakers (magic-bakers), for these Harry Potter cakes are just amazingly magical.  I can’t even imagine cutting into a cake so pretty… well, actually, yes I can, but I’d probably feel a little bad for destroying it.

A Gryffindor-themed cake

All the makings for a brave wizard.

The Houses of Hogwarts cake

Now this is a great Harry Potter-themed wedding cake.

The Monster Book of Monsters cake

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No need to stroke the spine, unless you just want to lick the icing.

Two books is worth an epic cake

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This is one time where it’s okay to destroy your book.

The mandrake cake

Luckily, you won’t earmuffs for this mandrake.

Check out all of the cakes here.

Monster Book of Monsters
Harry Potter’s Monster Book of Monsters

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