A Day At C2E2, Chicago Comic Expo

Fan art and cosplay steal the show at C2E2 2016!

On Saturday, March 19, I attended Chicago’s 2016 Comic Expo (C2E2) — I have some stories and pictures to share, from meeting Chloe Bennet to chatting with fan artists and YA authors. Check it out below!


So many talented cosplayers attended C2E2 — I was blown particularly away by all of the Star Wars cosplays!

Talented artists in Artist Alley

One of my C2E2 highlights was definitely my first time in Artist Alley; I didn’t anticipate spending so much time there (or so much money, but I’m trying not to think about that).

MJ Erickson & Meg Daunting

Meg & MJ were sharing a table and as soon as I saw their art, I knew I needed a commission. Both of their styles are stunning while unique. MJ has some amazing pieces, including depictions of The Flash, Kylo Ren and Jessica Jones. I fell in love with this Rey/Finn/Poe illustration by Meg!

I ended up commissioning MJ along with buying a Jessica Jones pin (the commission is probably the best decision I made at C2E2).




I was introduced to the brilliant art series #HandOverTheHero thanks to theTonus. There are so many characters and options in the series to choose from, all of which are adorable! He was extremely friendly; I ended up with two stickers. You can check out his work here.

C2E2 Artist

Stephanie Mided, Adam Farster, and TBranch Studios also had awesome fanart.

Hey, YA Authors!

Speaking with YA author Kathryn Purdie was wonderful. In addition to signing my copy of Burning Glass, we talked about writing; I asked her advice for a young writer, and she was more than willing to give it! Kathryn said “giving yourself time to write” every day is key. She reminded me to follow my dreams and to continue to write stories.

I also spoke with the very friendly Brittany Cavallaro of the new A Study In Charlotte (watch the book trailer here).  Both were so gracious and willing to chat. Thanks ladies!

YA Author C2E2

As one of the last events of my day, I met Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. actress Chloe Bennet. She was very kind and super engaged (we talked about food, of course).

I’d highly recommend attending C2E2 if you ever get the chance! I left with plenty of great memories and, of course, great fanart.