Chicago Local Has Great View of a Divergent Set

It doesn’t give anything away except that there are houses of a sort being built for Divergent.  Chicago Local Andrew Coffey (@coffeygrinds) has a nice view from above of the construction being done for part of the movie, which he tweeted:

Here’s a closer image of it, courtesy of Page to Premiere:


It might be too soon to speculate, although it has already been hypothesized that they are houses for the Abnegation faction, but it could very well be for another faction. You can also check out the video below from Andrew, from which he admits to not having read the books, but is fairly impressed with all those who started following him on Twitter. So, we may just get more images and videos from him in the coming weeks.


What do you think?  Are these houses being built for Abnegation?  Do you think this is too spoilery?  Do you think Andrew needs to read the books before posting anymore on Divergent?  Comment below!

By Kait

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