Chloe Grace Moretz Answers Fan Questions, IF I STAY Tickets On Sale Now


IF I STAY star Chloe Grace Moretz took to the film’s official Facebook page to discuss the best parts of filming, Mia, her relationship with the rest of the cast, and more!

Check out a few questions:

If you’re on Mia’s situation, will you choose to stay? Why?

It would be a very hard position to be put in. I hope to never experience it – my family is my everything. I speak to all of my brothers and mother multiple times a day. But I would like to think that I would live for the legacy of my family. xx Chlo

Had you read the novel before you got the part?

I read the novel simultaneously as I read the script because it allowed me to dig deeper into Mia’s history as I was reading the book. With a novel as good as Gayle’s, it would be a crime not to read. I also wanted to make the movie as true to the book as possible. xx Chlo

What are some of your favorite memories while filming If I Stay?

We shot during the fall, so we had Halloween together as a cast… We also had Thanksgiving, and during Christmas, we went ice skating and to different Christmas markets. And Liana, Jamie and I would stay up very late listening to music!! xx Chlo


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