Chris Evans, Hayley Atwell Get Caught Up In Fan’s Marriage Proposal at SLCC

A photo op turns into a proposal at SLCC!

Conventions like Salt Lake City Comic-Con are a big deal for fandoms lovers, filled with reveals and comics and merch and… marriage proposals, apparently!

When Kelsey Jenkins lined up for a photo op with Chris Evans and Hayley Atwell, all decked out in Black Widow gear, she probably didn’t expect that her boyfriend would gave her the biggest surprise of her life. He did a pretty good job surprising Chris and Hayley too, as you can see below!

Well, this couple certainly ships Captain America/Black Widow!

After the fact, Hayley took some time out of her day to mention the experience and to wish the couple the best.

Well people, pulling off the perfect proposal just got a little more challenging!


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