Chris Hardwick says which Marvel character he’d be if in THE WALKING DEAD

Chris Hardwick says which Marvel character he’d be if in THE WALKING DEAD

While at the Ant-Man premiere, The Talking Dead host and uber-geek Chris Hardwick was asked several geeky but excellent questions by that just seemed so appropriate to ask, especially one in which Chris Hardwick says which Marvel character he’d choose to be in the world of The Walking Dead.

He first has to answer some rudimentary questions regarding the film in premiere, including his excitement of getting to see the film starring Paul Rudd.

Regarding the Marvel in Walking Dead question, they run through several characters until Chris manages to narrow it down to one.  One funny instance is when he explains why Magneto would not be a good character to be.

“Magneto would be bad in a forest, because there’s just all wood.”

He’s then asked which super-powered insect he would choose to be if he could.  Again, another “what if” question that’s just fun to answer.  Just not sure if his answer was well thought out since the female praying mantis eats the male praying mantis after copulating.

The interviewer then goes into full Walking Dead mode and asks Hardwick for any details regarding season 6 of The Walking Dead, who his favorite Walking Dead character is, and the problem with putting Negan on the show.



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