CINDERELLA Costume Sketches Reflect Glamour Through The Ages

Recently revealed costume sketches from Disney’s live-action CINDERELLA show off designs reflecting timeless beauty.

While CINDERELLA is oftentimes interpreted with a medieval twist, it’s never tied down to a certain era. What does that mean? Costume designer Sandy Powell was able to go wild with inspirations from several different time periods while creating the boisterous costuming for the movie. In new costume sketches released by Disney, it’s easy to see how a variety of popular styles over the ages affected the overall look of the movie.

Since Cinderella isn’t set in a particular time period, Powell was able to take inspiration from these different decades of fashion to design costumes that are both fantastical and fabulous. While Ella’s stepmother oozes Hollywood glamour, Ella’s gown is reminiscent of the iconic storybook gown from the animated Cinderella. The combination makes the film colorful and magical in unexpected ways.




Though each design comes from a different era, we love how Powell has tied them all together with bright colors and sleek fabrics. CINDERELLA will truly be a spectacle when it hits theaters on March 13, 2015!


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