Cinefix 8-Bit Cinema Continues with THE WALKING DEAD – Part 2

Cinefix revisits the Prison and Woodbury in 8-Bit

We recently posted Cinefix’s 8-bit version of The Walking Dead Part 1, which explores seasons 1 and 2 of the series.  Now we get to see Part 2, which covers seasons 3 and 4, of course.  This time, aside from “playing” as Rick, you’ll be seeing things through Michonne and Daryl, and even playing a bit of Merle right up until Daryl takes on the misfortune of offing his zombie brother.

As Michonne, we see her leave Woodbury kill off some of the Woodbury followers and return there to kill off a certain Governor’s zombie daughter as well as rescue Glenn and Maggie.  We relive the horror of the Prison, including the Governor’s attempt at overtaking it.

I gotta say, watching it is a whole lotta fun, especially with Michonne swinging her sword around and jumping over walls like a ninja.  There’s humor to be had in this, as well, as we see in the second half of the video the Rick killing off the pigs after the Governor attacks.  (Not the pigs!)

It’s pretty accurate for the short amount of time they allow for this video, and it’s just all so awesome if you’re into the retro video game stuff.  Thanks to Cinefix for making this happen!

via GeekTyrant.