Cinema Sins Points Out Everything Wrong With PERCY JACKSON: SEA OF MONSTERS

Cinema Sins has decided to point out everything wrong with Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.  And apparently they’ve included their creepy obsession with Alexandra Daddario as part of it.

Okay, so maybe it’s not that creepy of an obsession, although it’s just not very funny commentary.

However, I’m going to give these guys credits for pointing out the many flaws of the movie (which in no way should discount the books, as they are totally awesome!)

Still, I don’t think the movie was as bad as they Cinema guys make it out to be.  I mean, shoot, they even did an “Everything Wrong with The Fault in Our Stars“… pfft!

But if you’re bored and wanted to find out everything wrong with Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, well, this is the video to see.

Thanks to ComicBookMovie for the tip!

Everything Wrong with Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters still

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