CinemaSins Clobbers ‘Everything Wrong With FANTASTIC FOUR’

Want to know ‘Everything Wrong With FANTASTIC FOUR’ reboot? Well, there’s a lot!

Remember everything wrong with Fantastic Four, perhaps 2015’s most disappointing release? CinemaSins does!

Surprisingly, the YouTube channel infamous for ribbing at the faults of good and bad movies alike took only 17 minutes to tear apart the critically-despised film, citing it’s short run-time as the reason. There’s plenty of flawed logic, awkward moments, and underwhelming special effects to fuel this video though!

At least it’s all out in the open now, amirite?

In hard to decide if CinemaSins is better when nitpicking through a great movie or a terrible movie, but it is pretty reassuring to see someone else has the same opinion on their particular flaws of the film.

everything wrong with fantastic four

By Molly

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