CinemaSins Crushes “Everything Wrong With A BUG’S LIFE”

Disney Pixar gets stepped on in “Everything Wrong With A BUG’S LIFE”!

Disney Pixar has a huge movie release coming tomorrow in Finding Dory and in its honor, CinemaSins is looking back at an early Disney Pixar piece that wasn’t nearly as successful in ‘Everything Wrong With A Bug’s Life!

Besides competition from the similarly-themed Dreamworks production Antz at release time, A Bug’s Life got some flack for heavy-handed inspirations (hey, Three Amigos!), a flimsy plot, and basically ignoring every scientific fact we humans know about bugs, but audiences still had fun with it. Now, CinemaSins’ own hilarious take-down will have you enjoying every moment of this not-so-classic Disney tale!

It was a bumpy start, but we certainly can’t say Disney Pixar didn’t learn from their mistakes. After all, the golden age of the company followed shortly after this including Toy Story 2, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo, and The Incredibles, among others!

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a bug's life

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