Time to take aim at ‘Everything Wrong With Insurgent’.

Even though we love The Divergent Series, we must admit that some of the book-to-movie changes featured in the second film in the franchise, The Divergent Series: Insurgent, didn’t necessarily hit the mark. It’s sometimes hard for fans to capture their qualms, but CinemaSins is doing it both handily and hilariously in their new video ‘Everything Wrong With Insurgent’!

The YouTube channel is infamous for roasting popular movies– sometimes for serious reasons, but mostly just nitpicking for kicks. Still, it’s tons of fun to laugh at the little things you might have missed and note that their major complaints tend to focus on those book-to-movie changes we mentioned.

Insurgent is the second of four planned movies in the Divergent film franchise. With Allegiant and Ascendant yet to come, there’s still plenty of commentary¬†on the way!

Insurgent's Tris Prior

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