CinemaSins’ “Everything Wrong With Cinderella (2015)”

According to CinemaSins, Here’s What’s Wrong With The New CINDERELLA!

CinemaSins have made a new video talking about the live-action Cinderella movie released last spring. We love the live action Cinderella. The music, the acting, and that dress everything is amazing, but there’s still also flaws in there, at least for CinemaSins, that is.

The video rakes over classic movie tropes, the similarities to the original cartoon, and the finer points of princess-making magic, among other things. So, CinemaSins presents to you Everything Wrong With Cinderella (2015 – Live Action).

Despite all the “sins” pointed out, it was still a lovely and beautiful live-action version of the Disney animated classic.  And as Cinema Sins may consider doing things like the animated one, we certainly thought it was a cute way of remaking the story.

Cinderella is currently available for DVD and Digital HD.

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