CinemaSins Explores ‘Everything Wrong With WALL-E’

‘Everything Wrong With WALL-E? Not much, actually!

It’s really hard to be critical of some movies, especially those from the recent Disney/Pixar golden age like the sweet, smartly messaged, and mostly non-verbal WALL-E, but CinemaSins is doing their best in ‘Everything Wrong With WALL-E’.

The YouTube channel is best known for taking popular movies to task and does point out some inconsistencies and plot quirks in the film, but not before removing 5 “sins” at the very beginning of the video for originality and overall awesomeness.

Take a look!

WALL-E isn’t considered one of the more popular of the recent Disney/Pixar films, but this movie has a heck of a lot of charm and sentimental value on top of a great message about the environment and taking care of humanity. Brava!

everything wrong with wall-e

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