CinemaSins Pins ‘Everything Wrong With PAPER TOWNS’

‘Everything Wrong With PAPER TOWNS’ tackles teen drama!

What does it take to discover yourself? Love, friendship, hijinks… aaaaaand perhaps a few cliches. While we love John Green’s Paper Towns, we accept that the movie adaptation didn’t always hit the key notes that made us love the book. In all fairness, the themes are ridiculously hard to adapt without sometimes getting a bit cheesy. All the same, it’s pretty interesting to see the folks at CinemaSins poke fun at the film in ‘Everything Wrong With Paper Towns!

Watch as the YouTube channel dissects the problem with Margo, road trip shenanigans, teen dating, and the many, many times these characters probably should have been arrested.

While we think the movie could have been given a little more credit this time around, there were some pretty amusing points made. All the same, we’re still suckers for John Green stories!

Paper Towns is out on DVD, Blu-ray, and Digital HD now.

everything wrong with paper towns

By Molly

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