CinemaSins Swings Into “Everything Wrong With TARZAN”

The new live-action The Legend of Tarzan may have hit theaters yesterday, but there’s a different take of the story that make of us grew up on: Disney’s animated Tarzan movie.

Though told and retold over the years, Tarzan hasn’t been one of the more popular legends and in the animated version, Disney certainly took steps to make the story its own with talking animals, jungle antics galore, peckish humans, and oh, that Phil Collins soundtrack. It was good for the kids but it’s also great for CinemaSins, the YouTube channel that dedicates itself to points out mistakes, logic fails, and major tropes in popular movies.

In “Everything Wrong With Tarzan,” the jokesters take shots at the ape-man’s parents’ implied deaths, how apes handle poopy diapers, apes vs. gorillas, “Disney timing,” the perks of civilization, and more!

Be aware that while bleeped, this video is a bit more swear-filled than usual and contains a few sexual jokes, so it’s probably NSFW.

Don’t worry– if this Disney adventure was one of your favorites growing up, you can still love it without shame. After all, no movie is without sin, even the greats!

The Legend of Tarzan starring Alexander Skarsgård– which is a Warner Bros. flick, this time around– is now in theaters.

everything wrong with tarzan

By Molly

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