CinemaSins (Very, Very Unhappily) Reviews The Original PETE’S DRAGON

In case you forgot, the original PETE’S DRAGON was really messed up!

Disney released its Pete’s Dragon remake on Friday. It’s nothing like the original and as CinemaSins would surely agree, that’s is a really good thing.

While the original 1977 movie holds a special place in the heart of some Disney fans, it’s got a lot of really disturbing¬†themes and lackluster production for a film that’s less than 40 years old. For us, it’s downright cringe-worthy, and Jeremy, the narrator at CinemaSins, certainly seems to feel the same way. It’s the only video in which he’s paused the film to yell at his YouTube partner for “assigning” the film to him– and he does it more than once over the course of watching.

All swears are bleeped out, but be aware that this critique is still pretty NSFW and not kid-friendly!

Disney’s new Pete’s Dragon movie shows the orphaned Pete being taken in after being discovered in the Pacific Northwest forest. He introduces his new caretakers and friends to his best friend, Elliot the Dragon, but trouble stirs when some townspeople get wind of the news and want to hunt down Elliot. Much different, but probably far more bearable!

The remake is out in theaters now.

elliott pete's dragon

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