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‘City of Bones’ Casting News

Hey guys! By now you should all know that ‘City of Bones’ has been set to start shooting on August 15 of this year, and is to be released on August 23, 2013. So far, the only people that have been cast are Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower (as Clary and Jace, respectively). It seems as if casting is going to be in full swing in the next couple of weeks. We’re aware that Shannon Kook, Ross ButlerSimon Raymond, Ben Cho and Osric Chau are in the running for the role of Magnus Bane, our favorite warlock. And about half an hour ago, Ross Butler tweeted this:


To follow all the guys in the running for Magnus, just click their Twitter links bellow. And tell us who you’re rooting for!

Shannon Kook’s Twitter

Ross Butler’s Twitter

Simon Raymond’s Twitter

Ben Cho’s Twitter

Osric Chau’s Twitter

In other news, casting information was revealed regarding ‘City of Bones’ on

We now have some new details about casting according to

  • All major roles are being cast in Los Angeles, New York and Toronto
  • Extras will be cast in Toronto and New York (see website for details)

There are also some details that provided some insight about how the Shadowhunters will be portrayed. It looks like the studio is eyeing British actors to portray Shadowhunters, as author Cassandra Clare hinted at last month.

Here are the details posted on

  • Alec Lightwood, 20-25 year old gay British male
  • Simon Lewis, a dark haired tall and skinny 18-20 year old male
  • Isabelle Lightwood, 18-20 year old sexy British female
  • Magnus Bane, 25-30 year old Asian bisexual male

Fans should be cautioned that this information is not 100 % correct unless confirmed by Screen Gems, Constantin Film or Unique Pictures. But, with that said it seems to reflect the information we have previously received but with a little more detail.

Casting director Stephanie Corsalini Ligorner has quite the task ahead of her.

Are you guys excited?! We sure are! Tell us what’s going through your mind!

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