City of Bones start filming in one week!

It’s so awesome that we’re finally this close to the actual thing. When filming starts, you know there will be so much more to look forward to when it comes to interviews, pictures, previews, etc. What’s also awesome is the great ┬áinvention that is Twitter. We get to stalk most of the cast (not all of them have an account – phooey!) as they film this. It’s going to be such an awesome experience. We already know that the cast is pretty great, so I can’t wait until we get to interact with them more.

Speaking of Twitter, Kevin Zegers (who is our official Alex Lightwood) tweeting something this morning!

Exciting? Yes. Prep for the film that we’ve all been waiting ages for. Lily and Jamie (Clary and Jace) are already in Toronto working on stunt training. It’s great to see all of these little pieces start to come together! It’s happening!