Clace Keep A Secret In SHADOWHUNTERS Season 3 Sneak Peek

Clary and Jace are making tough decisions to protect the people they care about in a new Shadowhunters clip.

The scene takes place in Alicante’s Cemetery of the Disgraced, which is an original location to the television series, but one that makes sense– Shadowhunters are typically burned as part of their traditional funeral service, but those who have betrayed the community’s laws don’t get that honor. For their alliance with Valentine, Jace’s parents found themselves buried there.

At the gravesite, Clary urges Jace to tell Alec about his death and resurrection thanks to Clary’s wish to the angel Raziel. But Jace knows that letting Alec in on the secret would open his parabatai up to a world of trouble; Alec would keep Jace’s secret and thus risk his position as Head of the New York Institute. Instead, they agree to keep it quiet, even though it clearly takes a toll on them both.

Shadowhunters returns to Freeform for its Season 3 premiere on Tuesday, March 20th.

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