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Claire and Black Jack Face Off In New OUTLANDER Posters

The latest OUTLANDER posters display Claire’s change of heart.

Here’s a lovely bit of symbolism for you! OUTLANDER has released two new posters for the midseason return on April 4th. The posters were shot in a similar style as the original poster, but there’s some stark differences this time around.

In the Season 1A poster, we have Claire reaching out toward Frank’s hand, looking longingly in his direction as Jamie beckons her in the background:


Season 1B’s posters reflect how Claire’s feelings toward Black Jack Randall (and in many ways, Frank) have been changed over the course of her journey:



This time around, Claire is in a defensive stance against Frank’s ancestor, holding a dirk against him while looking protective and angry as Jamie stands close behind her. Claire’s hand is reaching to hold Jamie’s now. In turn, Black Jack is on guard against Claire, despite looking a bit bewildered. If you follow his eye line, he appears to be looking past Claire to Jamie. If you’ve read to books, you know it’s no coincidence that Claire appears to be protecting her new husband Jamie from Black Jack.

Season 1B returns April 4, 2015!

What do you think of the new OUTLANDER posters?