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Claire and Geillis Fight For Their Lives in New OUTLANDER Clip, Stills

After Claire and Geillis are accused of witchcraft, can they find a way to escape alive?

Things will be getting intense for Claire and Geillis on the next episode of OUTLANDER, “The Devil’s Mark”! After Colum discovered Geillis and Dougal’s scheme in “By the Pricking of My Thumbs”, he sought Geillis out to stand trial for witchcraft. Unfortunately, Claire was tricked into looking suspicious by Laoghaire, Jamie’s jealous ex-fling, and she too must prove that she’s not a witch to the weary Scottish clansmen who fear such dark magic.

In an age where the only way to confirm innocence or guilt required the death of the accused, how can Claire and Geillis possibly survive the ordeal?

A new clip for the epsode shows Geillis confident that her lover will come to their rescue, but Claire’s knowledge of witch trials leave her desolate as the two await nearly certain death in a thieves hole.

Check out eight new stills from the episode, which feature Claire and Geillis on trial, Ned Gowan as their defense, and the glorious return of Jamie Fraser!

“The Devil’s Mark” airs Saturday, April 18th on Starz.


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