Clary And Jace Risk “The Other Ten Percent” In New SHADOWHUNTERS Clip

SHADOWHUNTERS traces back to the “other ten percent” in ‘Major Arcana’ clip!

Some big lines from Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments didn’t make it into the early episodes of Shadowhunters. At New York Comic Con, Kat McNamara and Dominic Sherwood talked about filming the infamous “Other Ten Percent” in which Clary slaps Jace for being “ninety percent” sure she was a Shadowhunter before marking her with a rune that’s deadly to mundanes. However, the scene was cut.

Now, the line is making its way back on to the show in a new clip, this time spun around just a bit!

Watch as Clary and Jace deglamorize in a police station, looking for the tarot cards that will lead them to the cup, and Clary hints at her big plan!

Shadowhunters Episode 7, ‘Major Arcana,’ airs Tuesday on Freeform.

Clary is ready to give Jace the other ten percent

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