DOCTOR WHO Spinoff CLASS will have a LGBT Lead Character 

The Doctor Who TV mini-series spinoff Class will make it’s mark as having an LGBT lead character.

Class is a series spinoff from the uber popular, longest running TV show Doctor Who, where it focuses on the school that former Who companion Clara Oswald works, Coal Hill High.  Recently executive producer, series writer, and author Patrick Ness tweeted a message regarding having LGBT representation on the show.  Ness countered with a question about if a LGBT lead character would count.

Apparently, this was something that he and the other executive producers had planned on revealing at a later date, but in light of the Orlando massacre on a gay nightclub that killed 49 innocent civilians, it was something he felt compelled to share now.

Ness had more than a few dozen responses from his Twitter followers, thanking him for involving LGBT characters, for which he was grateful for, adding that he hopes that it soon will not be such a big deal to have such characters. He wanted to also reiterate the the show as being an ensemble with a diverse group of characters with different stories and “WITH ALIENS & TERROR & EMOTIONS & STUFF!!!”

Image credit: BBC One
Image credit: BBC One

Class stars Greg Austin, Fady Elsayed, Sophie Hopkins and Vivian Oparah, with Katherine Kelly in the role of their teacher.


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