Clips, Found Footage And More For DC Superhero Crossover “Heroes V Aliens”

DC Heroes come together to take on a new threat in “Heroes V. Aliens: The Dominators” sneak peeks!

Thanksgiving is over, but if you’re a DC television fan, there will still be plenty to give thanks for starting Monday as the The CW DC heroes begin a four night team-up!

“Heroes V. Aliens: The Dominators” will bring Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow together to battle an alien race looking to end mankind. It’s an event so big that the station created a movie-style trailer that’s over two minutes long to weave all the excitement together!

A new clip from the episode shows us that things will begin on Thanksgiving. In National City, Kara is surrounded by loved ones– some of which are fumbling to gain her favor either out of affection or perhaps a little guilt– when Alex decides it’s time to make a big announcement. Of course, on another Earth, Cisco Ramon has the worst timing ever.

Once she makes her way to Earth as the other characters know it, another clip shows Kara meeting the gang and showing off her skills.

In another interesting promotional twist, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is teasing the show via some “found footage” of a battle with The Dominators!

“Heroes V. Aliens: The Dominators” airs in 4-parts on The CW from Monday, November 28 to Thursday, December 1.

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