CLOCKWORK PRINCESS Graphic Novel Out Today!

If you love Cassandra Clare‘s The Infernal Devices series as much as I do, and have been waiting anxiously to complete your graphic novel collection of said trilogy, well, wait no more!  The graphic novel, or manga if you wish to call it that, of Clockwork Princess has finally been released!


I do love the art done for this series, especially in the way Will Herondale and James Carstairs have been drawn.  I would, however, have changed a couple of artist HyeKyueng Baek’s vision of a few of them (since I can’t draw as well as the artist, it’s really a moot point anyway, but wanted to state that anyway).  Still, with that said, just re-reading the book in a slightly different medium excites me, especially when that medium includes chibi renderings of the characters!  The series is still one of my favorite all-time, so I’ll be glad to add this final book to my own collection.

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