The Clones Take A Stand In New ORPHAN BLACK Promos

The clones of ORPHAN BLACK have a message for their creators.

BBC America released three new exciting peeks into Season 3 of ORPHAN BLACK. Sarah, Alison, and Helena are seen fighting back as Project Castor and the Prolethean cult try to infiltrate their lives. Each deliveries an unique message to the organization, but the message is clear: The clones are no longer frightened or playing along.

In Season 2, the clones discovered that they have “brothers”, a male counterpart to their own creation at Dyad Institute. One of them is Mark Rollins (Ari Millen), a former member of the Prolethean cult. In this next season, Millen will take on Tatiana Maslany’s enormously difficult task of portraying several characters at once.

We expect to see even more promos featuring other clones in the coming days and we can’t wait to see what their messages will be!