Colton Haynes rumored to play Four in Divergent movie

We must start off by saying this is only speculation, but it’s still exciting to think that we may have a possible stud to play Four.

Here’s what Divergent Lexicon has to say about it:

We’ve always had a very specific idea of who could/couldn’t play Four. That’s no secret. And while he hasn’t the actor that we originally picked, we think that Colton Haynes just might have what it takes.

While there have been other possible actors to be in contention for the role, Colton Haynes seems like a pretty good addition to that list.

– Earlier this month he announced he was leaving MTV’s Teen Wolf. Even the shows producers were shocked by the news.

– He (very) recently started following Veronica Roth on twitter

– He tweeted that he’s got an announcement to share with his fans:

– He’s pretty. So very, very pretty.

Despite all this, it’s still all very, very rumor-ous.  What do you think?  Can you see Colton Haynes playing complex Four?

Thanks to Divergent Lexicon for the heads up!

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