Complete Catching Fire Cast, and not-so Mysterious Woman

Lionsgate has announced the remaining cast of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire which includes tributes from all districts.

The morphlings from District 6 will be played by Justin Hix and Megan Hayes. Joining Jena Malone will be Bobby Jordan who will play Blight from District 7. From District 8 we have John Casino as Woof, and Elena Sanchez as Cecelia. Daniel Bernhardt and Marian Green will play the victors from District 9. Jackson Spidell will play the male tribute from District 10. Remember mystery red head woman we saw from the pictures on set? Turns out she is Tiffany Waxler, and she’ll play District 10 female tribute.

The identity of “mystery woman” from the has long been speculated across the fandom. Many believed it to be Annie of District 4, or perhaps President Coin. Turns out, it’s….Katniss’ mom (Paula Malcomson)…rather anti-climatic, I know.

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