Costume Designer Jeffery Kurland On ‘BEAUTIFUL CREATURES’

MTV has released an interesting featurette featuring Jeffery Kurland, the costume designer behind Beautiful Creatures! He talks all about taking the “essence” of the characters (Ridley, Lena..) and putting that essence into their clothing.

Costume Designer Jeffery Kurland with costumes from the Beautiful Creatures film

Here’s a scripted account of what was said on the video:

“Well, it’s an interesting job to say the least.”

“Characters are extraordinary, ’cause they bring in an emotion, not just in their physicality.  But in their emotion, they exude a presence that I needed to capture physically on screen.”

Alice Englert, who plays Lena Duchannes, says this about Jeffery and the costumes:

“I thought Jeffery Kurland, who did the costumes, had an amazing sensitivity to character and working with the actor and, so it was really great meeting him early on and beginning to understand the Lena and the way she dresses and why she dresses like this.  It’s fun getting into those details.”

Alice Englert (Lena) in her Claiming dress running through the field

Jeffrey on Lena’s Claiming dress:

“There’s a lot of action she does in it, a lot of running and this dress was created and made 5 times for stunts and everything else.  Because it is a major event in Lena’s life, we wanted her to have [formality]. Because she is either going to be dark or light, the gray seemed to be the perfect choice.”

Emmy Rossum, who plays Ridley Duchannes, describes Ridley’s Antebellum dress:

“I love the Antebellum dress, that is kind of a black lace turtleneck pleated number with a corset in it.”

Emmy Rossum (Ridley Duchannes) in her version of an Antebellum dress

Jeffery on the Antebellum dress:

“For the character of Ridley at the end of the movie, which is inspired by Antebellum dresses but it isn’t an Antebellum dress, so which there are real ones on the screen when she’s in this.  It is her version of what an Antebellum dress is.”

“As far as what costumes say, they tell a story, they tell a visual story. This is just a sampling, but by no means what you’re going to see when see the movie.  Hopefully, you’ll enjoy that.”

To watch the video, you can go to Page to Premiere Network.

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