Could TMI producers learn a thing or two from The Hunger Games?

If you haven’t seen it, I would highly recommend checking out The Hunger Games.  If you’re a regular visitor of, then you’re probably familiar with The Hunger Games trilogy. (We hope so!) I went to the midnight showing, dressed in a costume of course,  waited in line for 6 hours, didn’t get any sleep, went to school the next day, and it was all worth it. Beautiful film! And part of what made the movie so great is how well it was adapted from the book. Here’s what Alyssa, the amazing woman behind, has to say about it.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock in the world of Young Adult fiction–or the entertainment world, really–you know that The Hunger Gamespremiered on Friday.

You best believe that I was one of those people crammed into a movie theater at midnight waiting for the glorious premiere. And I can say that The Hunger Games was one of the most faithful YA book to screen adaptations I have seen. And for good reasons.

That got me thinking that Constantin Film and Unique Pictures, the studios producing the film adaptation of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, can really learn a lot from Lionsgate in putting the best faithful project out there.

Now, it’s quite obvious that no adaptation is word for word or remotely close. That’s what happens when one has to cram a 300-plus page book into a two to two-and-a-half hour film.

Perhaps the most important lesson Constantin can learn from Lionsgate is that the more the author is involved in the process, the better product (and the most faithful) it will be.

Suzanne Collins was highly involved in the Hunger Games, from co-writing the script to having creative input.

So far Constantin has been very intent on getting Cassandra Clare as involved as possible in the process, much to Clare’s surprise.

I have always entirely expected to be completely left out of the film-making process,” Clare told Hollywood Crush, “so it’s been amazing to be included.”

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I definitely agree with 100% of what Alyssa is saying. The Hunger Games was such a true adaptation, and that’s a good thing when it comes to a book series that already has such a huge fan base. The Mortal Instruments has a large fan base as well, and many of the fans are already worried about the film adaptation of the first book, City of Bones, set to start filming in August 2012. Cassandra Clare has been involved in the process more than we thought she would, so that’s always a good sign! I agree 100% with the casting so far, too. (Even though we’ve only got two cast members.)

What are your thoughts?

Also, if you’re a fan of The Hunger Games, make sure you tune in to the Hunger Games Fireside Chat every monday night, it’s the best thing on the internet! Hosted by Adam Spunberg (all hail the creator) and the brilliant Savanna New. Tonight will be the first episode ever after the worldwide release of The Hunger Games movie. So make sure you stay away if you don’t want any spoilers!