Countdown Until “The Kill Order”: 7 Days

There are only 7 days until it is perfectly legal to have a copy of “The Kill Order” in your hands! Starting now and ending on Monday the 13th, you will be able to find a new fan-made, Maze Runner creation right here, every day!

Today’s piece is a new twist on one of the most memorable statements of the series.


Keep Calm and Love The Maze Runner on Tumblr combined our favorite Maze Runner quote with the ever popular ‘Keep Calm’ logo to create this wonderful poster. Check out her Tumblr to find more of these witty pics!

Do you have a piece of Maze Runner fan art that you made lying around somewhere? If you answered yes to that question you can send it, along with your name and, if possible, somewhere we can find more of your art on the internet to and we will be sure to post it!