The Court of Owls is featured in new GOTHAM Season 3 Poster

The Gotham season 3 Comic-Con poster has been revealed and we’ll be seeing villain group the Court of Owls. 

One specific quote from the Gotham season 2 finale of hinted at what’s to come for Gotham season 3: “Beware The Court of Owls, that watches all the time, ruling Gotham from a shadow perch, behind granite and lime…”

If you’re a fan of DC, then you probably already know they were coming.  But the release of the Gotham season 3 Comic-Con poster pretty much confirmed it.

“We will dive much more deeply into them in Season 3,” executive producer John Stephens teased to the outlet. “The Court of Owls, this sort of illuminati group that’s been pulling the strings behind Gotham for centuries and might be the real culprits in the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne, among other things.”

To expand upon that, in the comics, the Court of Owls employ assassins known as Talons to carry out some of their more nefarious deeds. The leaders of the organization are known to wear owl masks, thus the reason for the image on the poster. The non-leaders are apparently mutated humans, or even human/owl hybrids of some sort. They have disfigured faces, long claws, and their eating habits are not quite human.

Gotham's Court of Owls poster

This won’t be the only new villains to appear in Gotham season 3, and we have yet to see Mad Hatter, but I’m excited how this coming season plays out.

The Gotham season 3 premiere airs September 19, 2016.


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