Cover Reveal and Excerpt For Marissa Meyer’s WINTER

WINTER, the final book in Marissa Meyer’s bestselling series THE LUNAR CHRONICLES, has a stunning cover!

We don’t know what we can expect from the finale of THE LUNAR CHRONICLES series, but WINTER sure does look pretty. The sci-fi fantasy books are more than just your average fairy tale retelling– they’re action-packed and tons of fun. On top of being wonderfully colorful and shiny, the new WINTER cover confirms that the tale will definitely follow that of Snow White!


Marissa Meyer also talked to USA Today about how she feels about the ending:

“I have no doubt there will be tears. This story, and especially the characters, have been an enormous part of my life for almost seven years now. It will be really difficult to say goodbye, but I’m also looking forward to moving on to some fun new projects.”

Along with the cover reveal comes a great new excerpt from the book featuring an interaction between Scarlet and Princess Winter:

“Hello, friends,” said Princess Winter.

Ryu dropped his newest stick onto the pile, then sat down, chest high as though he were showing her proper respect.

Scarlet scowled. “Suck-up.”

Winter tilted her head in Scarlet’s direction. A spiral of black hair fell across her cheek, obstructing her scars.

“What did you bring me today?” Scarlet asked. “Delusional mutterings with a side of crazy? Or is this one of your good days?”

The princess grinned and sat down in front of Scarlet’s cage, uncaring that the path of tumbled black rock and ground covers would soil her dress. “This is one of my best days,” she said, settling the basket on her lap, “for I have brought you a treat, with a side of news.”


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