Cover Reveal: BROKEN BEAUTIFUL HEARTS By Kami Garcia

Kami Garcia is back with a heartfelt contemporary YA romance!

With the Beautiful Creatures series and The Lovely Reckless under her belt, Kami Garcia is no stranger to writing YA Romance. However, it seems she’ll be taking the love to the next level in her new standalone, Broken Beautiful Hearts.

The upcoming novel follows a teen named Peyton whose life is shattered a knee injury ruins her life as a local soccer star. Even worse, no one seems to believe that her “perfect” ex-boyfriend, Reed, pushed her and caused the injury. Peyton decides to start fresh in a new town where she meets Owen, a clasmate and MMA fighter. As Peyton’s attraction to Owen reluctantly grows, she knows she’ll have to confront her past if she ever wants to move forward.

Bustle released the cover for Broken Beautiful Hearts and it is absolutely stunning. Take a look!

“I have a deeply personal connection to this story and Peyton’s experience, and the cover captures the brokenness she feels—and the hope,” Kami Garcia told Bustle. “The neon heart represents that hope, but it also has a double meaning that readers will understand by the end of the book.”

Broken Beautiful Hearts comes out on February 6, 2018. You can pre-order it now via Amazon.

By Kait

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