Cover Reveal and Excerpt: Alexandra Bracken’s WAYFARER

Get your first look at Alexandra Bracken’s PASSENGER sequel, WAYFARER!

Alexandra Bracken made a huge impression on Young Adult readers this winter with the release of Passenger, an unique combination of fantasy, history, and adventure all wrapped up into one novel. It’s only been a few months since its release, but we’re already getting a sneak peek at its sequel, Wayfarer!

First, check out the gorgeous cover with a blurb from Red Queen author Victoria Aveyard drawing parallels to the Outlander series.


Now that you’ve marveled at the beauty, read an excerpt from the sequel!



Etta choked on her scream, but her arm was caught, yanked again in its socket as two hands closed around her wrist and dragged her toward the rough, pale exterior of the house. Her cheek slammed against the stone, and she squeezed her eyes shut as the scaffolding began to shudder, an unsteady section folding in on itself and pouring down to the old-fashioned cars parked on the street below.

“Reach up, will you?” the young man said. Etta shook her head. Her wounded shoulder was too stiff, and the whole length of it, from neck to fingertip, felt like it had been filled with scorching, sunbaked sand.

Instead, he released her wrist with one hand and reached down to grab her nightgown. There was a loud grunt overhead as he heaved her up. Etta’s feet scrabbled against the wall. She didn’t breathe again until her elbows were braced on the windowsill. Then she was spilling through it, onto the young man and the carpet below.

She rolled off him as soon as she landed. Her whole body sang with pain and adrenaline, and it was several long moments before her heart steadied enough for Etta to hear anything over its frantic rhythm.

“Well, that was exciting. I’ve always wanted to rescue a damsel in distress, and you’ve given me twice the fun on that front.”


Wayfarer is due out on January 3, 2017.

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