Cover Reveal & Excerpt: THE HUMMINGBIRD DAGGER By Cindy Anstey

THE HUMMINGBIRD DAGGER offers Victorian era thrills with new cover, excerpt!

Cindy Anstey is combining early Victorian era sensibility and a dark, murderous mystery in her upcoming novel The Hummingbird Dagger! The novel isn’t due out until next spring, but it’s already getting lots of attention with its “murder in the time of regency romance” vibe.

The YA novel follows the young Lord James Ellerby and a mysterious woman he takes in after she’s in a near fatal accident just outside the estate. Beth– as the young woman calls herself– doesn’t remember what happened or where she comes from. All she has left is horrific dreams of a hummingbird with a bloody steel beak. James, his sister Caroline, and Beth set out to solve the mystery of Beth’s origin and her accident, but the truth is dangerous and it lurks in the darkest corners of London society.

Bustle just released the stunning cover for the novel, which is eerily foreboding with its bold red, black, and white design. Take a look!

Also with the cover also came an excerpt!


The dark, narrow room was rife with the fetid odors of mold and decaying fish. The only light came from a slit high above her head. Beyond its insipid glow were shadows, some deep and inert, others blurred and in motion.

In this cell of unknowns, only the dagger stood out. It swung from hand to hand, side to side. Words accompanied each movement but the roar of panic obscured them.

All but the dagger ceased to exist.

Her eyes locked on its menacing beauty. The artistry was both simple and inspired, its form a study of opposites. The dark wood hilt gently curved into the shape of a hummingbird. The long bill that nature had fashioned to sip, man had fashioned to drink — to drink the nectar of life. And it was a thirsty bird.

Blood. Her blood. She was going to die.


The Hummingbird Dagger hits bookshelves on April 16, 2019.

By Kait

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