Cover reveal and excerpt for Andrew McCarthy’s JUST FLY AWAY

Actor, writer, and director Andrew McCarthy wrote his first YA novel, titled JUST FLY AWAY, which will come out next year.

Andrew McCarthy, best known for his role as Blane in the 1986 teen film Pretty in Pink, has written a YA novel! The title of the book is called Just Fly Away. The story is about a 15-year-old teen girl in search for answers after she finds out her father has an 8-year-old daughter from an affair.

Already an established actor who last appeared on ABC’s The Family, McCarthy also directed several episodes of Netflix’s Orange is the New Black and NBC’s The Blacklist. If his storytelling is just as good as his directing skills, we may soon be craving more from this talented guy.

Read an excerpt from Just Fly Away below!



Excerpt from Just Fly Away by Andrew McCarthy – Chapter 1

I suppose if I thought about it I would have to say that I had a premonition when we were down the shore that something bad was going to happen. That’s not as bizarre as it might sound. I get these feelings sometimes. They come at strange moments.

A couple of times a year the whole family piles into the car and we cruise down the Parkway to go to the boardwalk on the shore and play a little Skee-Ball and take a spin on the Tilt-A-Whirl—stuff like that. If it’s late enough in the summer we go swimming. The day is always a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

“I just love breathing in that sea air,” my mother must say five or six times every visit. My sister, Julie, is very good at that pop-the-balloons-with-the-darts game, and my dad is generally pretty jolly and outgoing. This time it only took him until we were walking away from Steaks Unlimited to bring up his famous/infamous Jersey shore story.

“Did I ever tell you guys about the summer after I graduated high school and I worked as a dishwasher a few blocks from here—”

You can read the whole excerpt at

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